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Transition periods

Ivana & Jeff

« In the end, we had much more than a standard ceremony; we had a ceremony that reflected our hearts and souls, that moved our friends and family, and that brought forth many laughs and many tears. Maude  surpassed my high expectations and gave us a truly personal experience. I truly cannot imagine finding a better fit for us as our wedding celebrant. »

The Ritual Process

Coaching for life transition.

Major life changes, such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, illness, immigration, becoming a parent, or a career change, bring both immense grief and unknown. How to walk the path of renewal with trust, praise and curiosity, whether we wanted this change or not?

Maude accompanies you during each step of your life transition's journey. She combines all her tools and her intuition to create support tailored to your needs. This process, which she calls The Ritual Process, places her at the peak of her strengths as a facilitator. This investment in self is a perfect balance between the experiential and the cognitive, and it brings tangible and surprisingly very fast results. She understood the need when, in creating ceremonies, she observed that these were the icing on the cake of a transitional stage. She makes sure to allow you to move forward at your own pace, with the intention of giving meaning, clarity and poetry to your path. This process will also allow you to empower yourself fully and do justice to the miracle that is your life. Those who were fortunate enough to go through this process with Maude came out of it transformed with invaluable resources and a deep love for themselves and for life itself. Maude will allow you to bring to light the sacred meaning of your existence, while giving you concrete tools to go through this challenge / opportunity, and those that will follow.

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