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Truth Mandala Ritual

 In Person Ceremonial Workshop

Sunday August 28 2022,  1 to 4 PM  at The Flagstaff Birth Collective


About The Practice

The Truth Mandala, is a practice rooted in The Work that Reconnects ( Joana Macy’s Work). 

This ritual provides a simple, respectful, whole group structure for owning, honoring and expressing our pain for our world. 

In these times of political collapses and ecological uncertainties, this practice is a major necessity.

By gathering with intention, we will create a place of beauty to reveal our personal truth and give it to the collective. 

This ritual is non denominational prayer for the world, an offering. 

It can reconnect us with the beauties of life, yourself and each other .

It can reignite the inner fire to activate a greater sense of belonging.

This practice can restore an activist and fuel a pacifist.  

Come experiment in this place of transcendence, resonance and liberation. 

More details

  • Sunday August 28 2022, 

  • 1 to 4 PM 

  • at The Flagstaff Birth Collective (2717 N Steves Blvd #11 Flagstaff, AZ 86004, USA)

  • 18 and up ( or mature teens with significant adult  ) 

  • 12 people maximum 

  • Open to any gender and cultural heritage 

  • 15$/ person. This is a subscribe/pay  in advance event so please subscribe here and pay via Venmo to book you spot

  • This is indoor, with sanitizer in place, it is a mask pro-choice event.

This practice is for you if


  • You feel touched by what is going on our beloved Earth.

  • You crave community and authentic connection.

  • You are curious about The Work That Reconnects and want to learn more about it.

  • You want to experiment with community rituals and transformations.

  • You want to connect with the beauty of human nature. 

  • You want to dive into the truth.

  • You want to restore and renew.

  • You want to reignite your active hope,  built resilience and compassion.

  • You feel the call for this practice

About Your Facilitator



my name is Maude ( pronounce like a radio ''Mode'') ,

I am from Quebec, Canada and I moved to beautiful Flagstaff with my small family in 2018.

I am a Life Cycle Celebrant®, a Ritual Designer, a Certified  Work That Reconnects Facilitator and a Mother.

I am called to facilitate the Work that Reconnects, because as a Celebrant, I want to serve the biggest common passage of humanity: The Great Turning. I do it in a way that awakes beauty and meaning in souls and hearts. A way that embraces all the facets of the human experience, and all the colors of the rainbows that comes with being alive.

Also, I hold a great sense of reverence to this work, because it comes from a brilliant collective of researchers, based on scientific evidence, ancestral wisdom and co-creativity. It is a work that respects the ecology of learning and evolving.

The spiral map is a way to embrace life that really resonates with me.  It is rich and deep. It feels so good to feel free to honor the pain for our world in a graceful and compassionate way.  When I first participated in an exercise from The WTR, it was like experiencing my calling, embodying the reason I am alive.  I can't wait to walk this path with you.

See you in the sacred space,



This event is full
If you would like to get on the waiting list or want to know about future event like this. write me a message.  Merci.

Thanks for being a part of The Great Turning !

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